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For thirty years MET has been making helmets for the very best in the sport of cycling. 
We’ve learned, refined and developed our products, getting faster, lighter and more comfortable with every generation.  
We created the MET Trenta 3K Carbon to mark this milestone year.

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MET's 30th anniversary

Now, there’s a new member of the family, a new standard in helmet design, 
a new competitive edge for the world’s elite.

MET Trenta 3K Carbon


The construction of the MET Trenta 3K Carbon performs better than any other helmet on the market.

Our R&D team discovered that the carbon’s elastic modulus allows us to reduce the density of the EPS foam by 20%, without affecting its capacity to absorb energy.

The parallel ‘ribs’ are linked from the centre of the helmet by a carbon cage embedded into the liner, making it dramatically lighter compared to a traditional construction.

The result is a lightweight, yet better-performing shell that sets a new standard in terms of ventilated helmet manufacture.

MET Trenta 3K Carbon

Enhanced for the Peloton 



The MET Trenta 3K Carbon is a performance road helmet for elite cyclists. 
Looks and performs best when riding in the bunch, engineered to keep your head fresh and save you energy with every pedal stroke.


3K carbon construction | Weight: 215 g (size M) | 19 vents | Proven drag saved: 7% at 45km/h


Designed & Engineered in Italy



Originally developed by NACA, a precursor to NASA,  
the position of this inlet at the front of the helmet has a cooling effect.

See more about Venturi Effect

Harnessing the power of the Venturi effect,  
the vent pushes out the warm air within the helmet through specially positioned exhausts. This ensures constant airflow through the helmet, without catching the wind and creating drag.


The back of a helmet has a huge impact on how well ventilated it is, with the exit of warm air from within a key priority.


The MET Trenta 3K Carbon features a flat rear deflector inclined at 电玩789网址,  
which makes it possible to include two wide exhausts that optimise airflow when you’re on the drops and riding hard.


The tail of the helmet also has an aerodynamic purpose.  
It works in synergy with the NACA front vent and the rear deflector to effectively drive airflow.

It has a lower profile at the rear, which we developed thanks to specific wind-tunnel testing in the NEWTON laboratory of Milan.


We built the MET Trenta 3K Carbon in such a way that only 30% of the head will be in contact with the helmet when you’re wearing it.  
This allows the other 70% to benefit from the optimised airflow passing through the internal cavity, keeping you cooler as you ride.


Dedicated rubber ports for securely docking sunglasses.



  • All-round belt offers 360° adjustment
  • 4 positions for vertical adjustment
  • 2 positions for occipital adjustment
  • Ponytail compatible
  • MET USB LED light compatible

Instruction of use

athlete top1
Daniel Martin - Trenta 3k Carbon
Daniel Martin - Trenta 3k Carbon
Rui Costa - Trenta 3k Carbon
Rui Costa - Trenta 3k Carbon
Fabio Aru - Trenta 3k Carbon
Fabio Aru - Trenta 3k Carbon
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We created the MET Trenta 3K Carbon
for the very best in the sport,
to give them a competitive edge
at the highest level.

UAE - Met Trenta 3k Carbon
UAE - Met Trenta 3k Carbon
MET Trenta 3K Carbon - aerodynamic advantage




riding on the tops at 45 km/h


sprinting down in the drops at 60 km/h

MET TRENTA 3K Carbon 7 % =
MET MANTA 3 % 4 %

MET Trenta 3K Carbon delivers its best performance when riding in a group saving up to 7% of drag, 
so when you choose your moment to attack you’re the freshest rider in the pack.

MET Trenta 3K Carbon - BI1
MET Trenta 3K Carbon - NO1
MET Trenta 3K Carbon - NO1
MET Trenta 3K Carbon - UAE
MET Trenta 3K Carbon - White Raw Carbon
MET Trenta 3K Carbon - Black Raw Carbon






"The MET Trenta 3K Carbon helmet was developed for professional use, and it managed to impress the award team […]. The ventilation in this aero-shaped helmet is first-class, and the low-pressure zone at the back of the head provides for passive cooling through the Venturi effect."

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Although the helmet is at a range-topping price point, you will not be disappointed.

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"MET’s Trenta lid proves a potent aero package married to excellent cooling performance, fit for use in the pro peloton."

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"It's lightweight and comfortable."

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"Molto ben pensata la forma delle feritoie frontali e posteriori anche per inserirci gli occhiali in alcune situazioni. Restano molto ben bloccati in entrambe le posizioni."

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"On a carrément l’impression de ne rien porter."

Issue n. 127
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"Le regoli una volta e te ne dimentichi, grazie al loro fermo non perdono la misura come avviene, invece, con le fibbie continue."

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"It feels almost like a second skin with its low profile and aero-focused design, making it super comfortable to wear."

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"A really well put together helmet that performs well in the real world as well as in aero tests."

Issue May 3, 2018
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"C'est sans doute le meilleur compromis."

Issue n. 491
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"Ligereza, ventilación e incluso aerodinámica también contribuyen a la comodidad general del Met Trenta 3K Carbon, que es uno de los aspectos que más nos han gustado de él."

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"De Trenta is een heerlijke helm, vooral als je gaat trainen in warm weer en behoefte hebt aan een koel hoofd."

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"En ce qui concerne la ventilation, là aussi, le casque excelle. Testé lors d’ascension de cols en Espagne en plein soleil, aucune surchauffe n’est à déclarer !"

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Construction In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
Inner structure 3K Carbon cage embedded into liner
Fit system Safe-T Orbital
Padding Hand washable Air Mesh comfort pads
Straps and divider Air lite straps and adjustable divider
Be seen Reflective rear stickers
Accessories Helmet Soft bag
Compatibility MET USB LED light; DualGel Front Pad
Certification CE, AS/NZ
  S M L
CE 210 g 215 g 255 g
  S M L
A cm 52/56 56/58 58/61


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